super-funny disrupt live video!


WIZARDS OF OS 4 / Berlin. 14th - 16th September 2006

Nice weekend recently in Berlin during the WOS4 convention at the huge Columbia Halle
and the Columbia Club next to it. All about free software, free net culture, free
networks and - of course - free music. Highlights were: meeting lots of great people,
hearing a speech by Creative Commons inventor Lawrence 'Larry' Lessig and shaking
hands with him, a disrupt live gig in the almost empty club, one more gig at the
great Burnstation outside in the yard - and a funny stage apperance at the "Show Des
Freien Wissens" (show of free knowledge).

That stage appearance was filmed and is available for download HERE! Might be THE
thing to brighten up your day: disrupt performing the new track 'BLAST YOU TO BITS'
(from the JTRNET10) live, grooving un-rhytmically along and then giving a short
interview that includes numerous 'errrr...s' and 'aaah...s' in a fast-paced slang
afterwards. The MIDI-controller box was out of ordah so it's just a bit of
unspectacular laptop clicking, thankfully saved from complete boredom by the great
background visuals. Enjoy!

The whole WOS4 conference triggered a surprisingly big wave of media interest which
brought a lot of attention to the whole scene of free software, networks and music.
Absolutely great to see a lot of recent futuristic ideas taking concrete shape in the
real world and affecting the lives of many people for the good.

Thanks to Mattias Spielkamp, Bruder and all the other organizers of the WOS4!!


Simon from documented
the whole stage weirdness.

Thanks a lot!

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