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SOOM T & disrupt Live @ Cool & Deadly, GlazArt, Paris

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One of our alltime memorable nights went down at GlazArt in Paris,
13. March 2009. Set up by the amazing Cool & Deadly Sound, one
killah set followed the next, cooking up a highly frenetic (and
slightly musky) vibe that simply wouldn't stop until morning.

Mallem (aka Dub-4) started with a deep 80s-digital set (check his fresh
mixtape over in our TAPES section!), Liquid Wicked kicked it to the max,
Pupajim and the StandHigh posse did a legendary show and Dub-4
(aka Mallem) and MC Taiwan set it completely on fire with one of the
most bombshell Dubstep sets ever, ending the night in a frenzy
of rewinds and lazerbeams. Plus, of course, Soom T and disrupt
rocked is sauna-style.

During the set a completely brain-fried guy (you know who you are!
probably...) jumped on stage and tried to tear the mic from Soom -
which he's regretting dearly soon after. Just don't test a lass from
Glasgow city! "If you take the mic from the MC she'll kick you in the

After a short fight on stage Soom T came spontaneously up with the
proper answer for the fellow. On Maffi's "Heidi Riddim" - from now on
called "Glasgow Riddim", as you'll hear.

____Soom T - Survivor Live


_____the birth of a riddim:
Glasgow Riddim Live




Don't miss the dynamite tape recording from the Stand High & Pupajim
live set from the night, waiting to get a good old reeling over HERE.



and also over for download in our TAPES section:

Mallem aka Dub-4 - Play Mr. Music Play - Mixtape, 90 mins.