____-> Soom T Live
SOOM T & Jahtari Riddim Force Live @ Cross Club , Prague (CZ)

______May 2nd 2009


If you ever had any doubts that space ships have landed on this earth
you haven't seen the Cross Club in Prague yet. With an interior design
definitely not from this planet the place flashed our minds completely
during a fun night on May 2nd 2009.

While the outside looks like deviced by Jule Verne on acid, the inner
areas unfold like a maze, each room featuring a different theme. The
complete (!) walls of the main floor consist of old motherboards, VCR
circuit junk, moving objects of welded steel, blinking LED's and nuff
gimmicks and details to beam you up for sure.

Check the pics on the side, plus the small video of us performing
"Survivor" and "Ganja Ganja" below. Soom T and Instruktah D on
mics, disrupt on joystick and Rootah dubbing it up.


Cross Club is located right next to the Praha-Holešovice train station,
where the trains from Berlin / Dresden arrive. Non-stop wicked line-up,
lovely outside café, cinema, etc - among our alltime fave venues!

___Inside the Space Ship



-> Survivor Live

-> Ganja Ganja Live










__Jahtari Kids On The Block

____Cross Club outside